Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

We're well into the new year and I can't believe how fast 2010 flew by. I'm hoping that 2011 is a great year. I want to do so much stuff ... mainly more crafting and getting my Etsy shop(s) filled and going. And more blogging!

I'm back at work now that admin leave days are over. Boo-hoo! So I'm finding it difficult to get into the craft room. But I must!! Besides those 4 Annies that need to be photographed, I also need to get better photos of this big guy:

This is Bruno ... I like to call him my "kidney bean bear" because his body is shaped exactly like a kidney bean. Hahaha! He's been done for quite some time and I've had him tucked away in the closet to avoid dust bunnies! I guess you could say he's been in hibernation. Ha!

I know we're over a week into the new year, but perhaps I will put down some goals for this year in my next post. Or maybe I don't want to put them down for fear of not accomplishing anything. Sigh! We'll see ... it'll be a good thing to put down and keep me accountable. So until next time, I hope you have a great year!

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