Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Banner!

I took an Adobe Illustrator CS3 class a couple of weeks ago. From Sandee Cohen, no less! And yes, she is insane. I am NO artist! But I played around and lookey what I made. See above. Cute! I was just goofing off and it probably won't stay up there for too long (until I create something else in AI). I think the bear is cute. Yeah, it's a bit amateurish ... but who cares ... I had fun and giggled while playing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hawaii Kai Sunset

On our way to my sister's house a couple of weeks ago, Greg and I had to pull over to marvel at the sunset. The rays were so distinct! It was unreal. I hadn't seen a sunset like this in a long time. We waited around for a few minutes to watch the sun sink lower and lower.

We've been getting lots of rainy weather the last few weeks. I guess that beats my sister-in-law in Oregon ... they just got more snow! Give me rainy Hawaii any day!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bad Blogger!

I've been MIA for a bit! Busy with life, I guess. Wish I was busy with crafting, but nope ... just work and home. And cruising some of my favorite blogs. Yes, I really need to update my list of what ... two blogs. Believe me, I read much more than what's listed over in the sidebar!

Speaking of which, I wish I could read and understand Portuguese! OMG, I just love maçã riscada. I stumbled on it one day and was blown away with the colorfulness of her shop and all the goodies in her window. Oh how I would love to visit. Hmm ... you know, I am Portuguese myself ... maybe one day! Unfortunately, all I can do is look at the photos; Portuguese or not, I can't understand one bit. I'll settle for just looking!

Okay, so I mentioned that I haven't been crafting. But at least someone else has! Thought I'd share this cutie! Made by Kalina, aka Aunty Kat. Her creations are unreal. Her stories are fun, too! You can only get her mini teddies on eBay (for now, anyway). Interested in her stuff? Go search for her username: aloha_cub. Or check out her Etsy shop!

Next time I'll have to post before her auction ends! And maybe get a better photo ... kind of looks weird. Click on it and see a better version in Flickr.