Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend Plans

Seems like I've been really unproductive these last couple of weekends. Sigh! But the weekend is here again (amazing how fast the week flies by) and I am hoping to get lots of sewing and crafting done. What was I up to last weekend? Doing all kinds of odds-and-ends!

Meet Raja. This little fella belongs to my niece, Izzy, who drags this tiger all over (if she's not carrying Simba). Raja is named after Princess Jasmine's tiger in Aladdin. Yeah, this is my niece who is not even 2 yet! Anyway, poor Raja's arm was torn and I had to do some surgery to prevent stuffing from falling out (or being pulled out by little fingers!).

Then the little miss paid us a visit to pick up Raja ... and eventually ended up outside playing in the dirt with her little gardening tools. And uncle Greg.

Spent some time stitching some crayon rolls for the craft fair.

And then spent some time cutting Keyka Lou's Box Wallet. I ended up with a stack of about 10 wallets ready for interfacing and stitching.

So now you know what I'll be working on this weekend! How about you?

Monday, October 3, 2011

An unproductive weekend ... and a sweet doll

 Sadly, my weekend was very unproductive. I punched some kraft merchandise bags with a scalloped punch (photos later), but that's about it. No sewing, no stitching! But at least I have today and tomorrow off, so I plan on making up lost time. Wish me luck!!! I'm going to do a few more pleated pouches and then try a couple more clutches (using different interfacing combinations ... haven't perfected this yet).

The doll above was made for my little niece on her 1-year old birthday, last February! Yeah, I'm only getting to post it now. And don't mind the processing via Instagram. I need to find a better photo of the entire doll ... anyway, I think she was named Marina. Cute. I made her using the Inside a Black Apple's tutorial found on Martha Stewart. I did have to give her a slightly different hair style! Including little pigtails and a cute felt flower! I think next time I have to design my own doll ... I didn't like the way the arms came out. And hey, I was stitching until 3am the morning I was catching a flight to Kauai! Typical!