Monday, August 25, 2008

Blog interrupted

It's been a month since my last post. Sigh. I have been busy, busy, busy at work. Besides applying for, interviewing for and being offered a new job, I have been seriously busy with day-to-day stuff. We're down one staff member and guess who gets to pick up the work? Yours truly! Oh, and yes, my new job is in my same office ... it's a promotion to the number two spot in the office. Needless to say, my crafting has been put on the backburner. My home computer has been off for weeks! Oh, I need to get back into fun stuff.

I visited the KCC Farmer’s Market this past Saturday. Boy, was it packed. I mean, the parking lot was full! I only went for one thing: tomatoes. And tomatoes I got!

Yummy grape tomatoes (sorry, crappy pic). I love tomatoes. I tasted one of the golden tomatoes at the Ho Farms' stall ... I could have stood there all morning popping those lovely little morsels into my mouth. I immediately picked up 3 pints (I already had 2 containers from Nalo Farms, although I think the Ho tomatoes were so much better tasting). Anyway, I slow-roasted a bunch using Smitten Kitchen’s directions. Threw ‘em in pasta with broccoli, chicken, garlic and olive oil. Yum! I definitely have to visit the market again, this time taking my time at the various vendors. I'll have to try the fried green tomatoes again; the first time I had them, they were great! And I'll have to bring my camera next time! Hint, hint!