Sunday, December 28, 2008


I mentioned in this post that I had no photos of all the pillows my Grandma created and took to the craft fair. Thanks to Aunty Kathy, here are a few photos showing all the pillows my Grandma has created. Actually, this is just a fraction of the pillows that she's sewn. I can't even begin to count how many she's done.

A hundred pillows ... at least!

A close-up of the pillows.

The artist among her creations! Can you find her?

Unfortunately, these photos don't do the pillows justice. {Aunty Kat, you NEED a new digital camera! Or maybe just play with the settings on your ancient camera?} Next time I'm on Kauai, I will definitely take some close-up shots of my favorite ones ... the vintage, pin-up surfer girl ones!

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