Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mini Craft Fair

In addition to the wedding that kept me stressed out and busy in October and November, I also participated in a mini craft fair on Kauai last weekend. It was a last minute thing that dear mom sprang on me two weeks prior. So right after the wedding, there I was trying to create a bunch of stuff!

The craft fair was part of the St. Theresa School Christmas program and also featured a Christmas play by the students (which had to be moved to the Waimea Theater because of the rain), a spaghetti dinner and a special visit by Santa and Mrs. Claus!! The craft fair was very small ... only 13 tables and we were the last to sign up and got stuck in a corner. The table and space around was shared by my mom, grandma, aunty and myself! It was a family thing. Thanks gramms, for sponsoring the table. We collectively sold a few things, but not much, probably because it wasn't advertised much, but more importantly, because it was raining cats and dogs! Kauai's westside is very dry and sees very little rain, even in the winter. But boy, did it storm. Later that night, while we were all tucked in bed, the thunder boomed and the lightning flashed. My baby sister swears her bed shook! So the rain kept the shoppers away. What to do with all these crafts? Etsy, maybe? I think so! Here's a peak a our table.

Handmade cards by Sister #3 (font of table), mom's embroidered pillows and pigs.

A basketful of raggedies by mom and me along with some cutesy, furry teddy bears!


Mom's girl horse.

My goose.

A trio of friends.

Aunty Kathy's vintage suitcase of goodies. This picture does not do her creations justice!

Unfortunately, none of the photos show my grandma's stash of pillows. They were in front of the table in some baskets. When I say stash, I mean STASH. She must have had over 200 pillows. I'll have to find some photos to prove it. She's 83 years old and keeps cranking out these Hawaiian pieced pillows. She had some really cool ones!

Sew when's the next craft fair? Hmm ... what do you think Aunty Kat?


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aloha_cub said...

Oooh, what FUN photos! It must have been a fun event, too! (Wait a minute, I was in that event...sharing a table with you, dear niece! ha!ha!) Perhaps next time we can start creating 2 months ahead instead of 2 weeks. (Hmmm...perhaps 2 years would be better for me since I am good at Procrastinating about these things.) While you are on the subject of grandma's pillows...I'll go see what I can find in regards to photos! I have a trillion of them...displaying a trillion of her pillows in it! ha!ha! Continue to enjoy this Beautiful and very Blessed season of Christmas, Marlene!
Much Love and Aloha,
Aunty Kat <><