Friday, January 16, 2009

Wind Day!

Happy new year! I still can't believe we are well into 2009! My resolutions were thrown out the window on January 2nd! Haha!

So while the mainland is blanketed in snow, here in Hawaii, our winters are very mild. Well, surprise, surprise ... today was a wind day! Yeah, you know how there are snow days on the continent? Well, I've never experienced a snow day, but I have now officially experienced a wind day! Yep! Schools were closed today, as were state offices. So, non-essential UH workers got a day off. Winds are predicted to be about 60 miles an hour! While there's some wind in town, it's nothing near 60mph (which I guess is good)! The sky, however, is quite gray and bleak and it rained a bit. But the good news? Four day weekend ... woohoo!

So what am I up to? Absolutely nothing! I hope to get my Etsy shop open soon. But because the weather has been kind of ugly the last few weeks, I haven't had a good day to snap photos! So that will have to wait a bit longer. Once these funky weather fronts have passed, we should be good to go. I'll just have to find the energy then! But my dear aunt opened her shop just this week. Go check it out!

Here's another sneak peek of my future Etsy posting ... meet Bruno, another teddy bear waiting to be adopted!

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