Saturday, March 31, 2012

Retro-inspired doll

Yet another post! Surprise, surprise!! Spring break is over and I'll be heading back to work next week. Ugh! So you know that posts will be sparse. I promised another Retro Mama creation and here she is:

My brother-in-law called her "B-52" ... I don't know why. Maybe because her hair-do sort of looks like a beehive? I think she's cute! I do have a few things I'm going to do differently on the next doll. First thing on the list is to give her a tan! Heh heh! She's joining the winking owl in his travels to the STS carnival (she'll end up in the Silent Auction booth; Winky will be in the country store booth).

And just so you know ... yes, I still have more Retro Mama patterns to try. Maybe I'll be able to fit them in during the work week. I have to try because I have a potentially huge craft show in the fall and these would be perfect! But we'll have to see!

1 comment:

Addy said...

"Potentially" huge? Haha! I think we need a dozen more B52s! Hooray!