Sunday, September 18, 2011

Need: New Pin Cushion

I spent this past Wednesday babysitting my little niece, Izzy. I had planned to stitch the hair on my raggedy's after I put Izzy to bed. So I packed up my basket of dolls ... bodies, yarn, thread, pin cushion, needles, scissors. Little Izzy went to bed late, so no stitching for me. As I was leaving, I noticed my pin cushion was gone. I must have dropped it as I got out of the car. So I retraced my steps, but no pin cushion (it was late at night and dark).

Anyway, the next morning, I spinned through my sister's neighborhood to see if I could find the pin cushion. Sure enough, Hubby spied it on the rock wall. What was really weird, though, was all the sewing needles were missing! Maybe someone needed it for their sewing kit? Who knows. It rained during the night, so my pin cushion was wet and dirty. Bummers! So that means I need a new pin cushion. I scoured Etsy and found these possibilities:

This one is cool because you can actually store tidbits in the jar!

Simple and cute ... and I love ranunculus.

Sweet love birds.

A cheeseburger! Different, but totally unique!

I'm not sure which one to choose!! I may have to think about it for a day or two. Which would you choose?

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