Monday, April 16, 2012

Unbelievable Fabric Stack ... and a tip!

Over the last week or so, I've been pre-washing and pressing fabrics. Remember this stack?

Well the Hubby estimated this was about 35 yards of fabric. I just said "yeah, right" and smirked. So after washing and pressing, for days on end, I'm finally done. You want to know how close Hubby was? Spot on? Not even close! 10 yards off? Ha! There was about 73 yards of fabric, give or take a yard. Can you believe it? Holy smokes. If that is over 70 yards, I can't even begin to guess what's behind closed doors and still in boxes here and there. Yikes. Can you say fabric hoarder?

Check out that stack! Washed, pressed and ready to be made in all kinds of fun blankets and bibs. I literally could not carry the entire stack in one trip ... required two trips! Not joking.

Do you pre-wash your fabrics? I usually don't unless I know that the item being made is going to be thrown in the wash. Blankets and bibs? Definitely going into the wash. The first time I ever did a pre-wash, holy smokes did my fabric get all frayed and there were strings all over the place. Now, I take the time to straight stitch each raw edge. Just a quick stitch very close to the edge. That doesn't prevent all the fraying, but I find that I don't get a ton of strings anymore. So give that a try and see if it works for you!

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Anonymous said...

I only pre wash if the intended project will be washed up completion, just as you said. I used to think that I had to wash every piece of fabric, but WHAT A CHORE!!

When I do wash, I serge then raw edges. I can not take all of those strings!

Nice stack. :-)