Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Friday

It's Friday! And I have a vacation day. So that means a 3-day weekend for me! Yippee! Not sure how I'll be spending my weekend yet, but I sure do hope I can at least do something creative over these next 3 days. We'll see. I think on my to-do list is to organize my craft room. It's kind of a mess. I haven't really been doing much in it since the craft fair. Yikes, I know! So things have been piling up and I do not feel very creative when stepping into the room. Maybe that'll change this weekend.

And one of the main things that's piling up? Fabric! What else?

Here's my latest stash. I ordered this bunch from I added the ever-popular  Amy Butler dots to my stash and at 25% off, I got a deal (plus free shipping, and we all know how costly it is to ship to Hawaii). Anyway, I now need to make room for this stack and the few other fabrics I ordered after Christmas. Wish me luck!!

Here's hoping you have a great weekend!

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