Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crayon Rolls!

Last month, my mom asked me if I wanted to get a table at their local hospital craft fair in November. Hmmm ... what to do, what to do? As much as I would love to, I have a ton of things coming up. I'm moving to a bigger apartment (with a room just for crafting!) and a short trip to Oregon in October. The move is the biggest thing scaring me. My small 1 bedroom apartment is crammed with stuff, and yes, it is mostly crafting stuff. My poor husband, what he puts up with! But, I figured I could at least start on some crafty goodies just in case I do end up attending the craft fair. So the first thing I worked on were these:

Crayon rolls! Fun!

These were really fast and simple to do, once you got all the prep work done (cutting, pressing, fusing). The worst part of it was sewing the lines for each pocket. I will mention that careful measuring is essential! My first roll ended up with only 15 pockets! Yikes!!

I was able to use a few fabric oldies, but I also got to go and buy some cute new ones! Like the little Hawaiian kids above. They came in pink and blue. Perfect! I did try to put rick rack around the edges, but that was harder than I thought. I would miss stitching some of the rick rack, so I gave up. I later figured out that the rick rack I was using was just too small. So next time I will need to purchase the regular sized packages and maybe give it a try again.

I did about 10 rolls. I think my favorite has got to be these old-time cowboys and cowgirls They're so cute. And I chose red bandana print as a coordinating print. Cute! For some reason, they just remind me of Pioneer Woman's ranch kids!

Sew what's next? Baby minky blankets! See you soon and happy crafting!

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