Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend update

We have baby sister in town (sister #6 ... yep, HUGE family!), so been busy entertaining and not doing much crafting. Sister #5 is celebrating her 21st birthday tonight, so we're alone with baby sister. But I am about a step away from finishing off these little fellas:

The photo's a bit blurry, sorry! They just need a bit of embellishing and they'll be ready for the shop (which I'm S-L-O-W-L-Y stocking). These ornaments were made using a Patti's Ratties pattern and I plan on making the piggies, butterflies, puppies and kitties, too! I just need to find some more time!

Off to do more entertaining ... via Blockbuster!

1 comment:

aloha_cub said...

Aaaaaw Marlenee.....your cows are UDDERLY Adorable!! Okay, so when is their big MOoOoOove over to Etsy?!! I'll be checking in your store for every day. So hurry! And hurry, make those piggies, too!!