Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Wedding Bells!

So as you can tell from the last post, more wedding bells were in store for me. If you remember, sister #1's wedding took place in November. I did the wedding cake and most of the desserts. And I recall saying that her wedding cake was my first and last. Yeah, you can read about it here.

Well, sister #2's wedding took place in April. And you guessed it ... I did the cake and desserts again. Oh, and I was the unofficial coordinator for the day. Oh my gosh! It was a very stressful day with not a moment to sit and relax. I don't know how wedding planners do it! That is one profession I'll stay away from. But all in all, the wedding turned out great.

The wedding itself was very casual and very D-I-Y. Despite that, we had everything looking so classy! All the details that we took months and months coming up with was pulled together and everyone was very impressed. It really looked as if we were doing this all our lives. Little did anyone know. We fooled 'em all! Hahahaha!

So about the cake ... actually, I did cupcakes. Over 100! Half were chocolate, half vanilla. The cutting cake was a simple square with two layers using the rest of the chocolate and vanilla batters. The frosting was a buttercream from The Cake Bible. It held up pretty well. I won't even mention how many pounds of butter I went through. For the desserts, we settled on tangy lemon bars, fudgy chocolate brownies and creamy lemon cheese squares. All in keeping with the yellow, black and white color scheme! Unfortunately, like the last time, I took no photos. I was up for more than 24 hours trying to get all the baking done. And then headed to the reception to get everything set up. I guess the lost sleep was worth it ... everything turned out great.

Here's a quick peak of that day ...

Wedding held on the windward side of Oahu:

Flower girl Josey checking on her mums:

Ring bearer Ashton with ring pillow designed and crafted by me:

The couple right before their vows:

A table centerpiece:

The couple's "cake" made by yours truly (thanks for the pic Josh!):

The cut cake:

The newly married couple letting loose:

The end.

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