Monday, July 14, 2008


Guess what? Yep! I actually did a little crafting this weekend. Take a look ...

Okay, so no fair looking at all the junk in the background; it's my creative mess! Anyway, this guy is destined for my Etsy shop, which is not open yet, but I hope to get some stuff up there soon. I used a Patti's Ratties pattern and changed it a bit. Instead of holding a beehive, I have him holding a heart. But I must confess ... this creation was sitting in my WIP (Works-In-Progress) basket for the past 2 or 3 months! And since I just had to post something crafty in my second post, I decided to pull him out and finish him up. So how much crafting did that entail? Hmm ... well, all I had to do was sew his eyes and arms on, whip up his heart and tie a bow around his neck. I know, I know ... not that much crafting. But hey, at least it's something and now I have one less half-finished creation in my basket.

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